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Total 40 Master Agents、 63 Offshore Fund Institutions、
1007 Offshore Funds,Amount of Domestic Investors Holding is NTD 3,514,865,156,355 。 As of May. 31,2022

ClassificationDetailAmount of Domestic
Investors Holding
Type of BeneficiaryIndividual Beneficiaries29,961,569,505
Institutional BeneficiariesNon-Omnibus Account1,636,346,459,373
Omnibus AccountNon-discretionary money trust1,657,165,187,239
Sub-brokerage account50,075,564,758
Omnibus Account Subtotal1,848,557,127,477
Institutional Beneficiaries Subtotal3,484,903,586,850
Type of Beneficiary Total3,514,865,156,355

ClassificationDetailAmount of Domestic
Investors Holding
Fund TypeEquity Fund1,344,925,107,989
Fixed income fundBond fund94,498,924,027
High yield bond fund659,475,006,599
Emerging market bond fund256,763,743,778
Fixed income fund Subtotal1,410,329,370,139
Balance fund722,861,986,334
Money market fund33,255,735,304
Fund of funds0
Exchange traded fund55,541,465
Fund Type Total3,514,865,156,355

ClassificationDetailAmount of Domestic
Investors Holding
Investment AreaGlobalDeveloped markets488,060,575,207
Emerging markets305,017,671,982
Hybrid markets1,146,451,636,793
Global Subtotal1,939,529,883,982
Single CountryJapan24,358,368,831
United Kingdom327,108,116
Single Country Subtotal1,044,355,663,516
RegionalNorth America64,509,744,943
Developed Europe122,075,322,150
Asia Pacific(Exclude Japan)176,246,614,176
Asia Pacific(Include Japan)24,617,963,987
New Zealand & Australia0
Emerging Europe11,985,219,126
Emerging Latin America43,838,101,135
Other emerging markets3,288,692,738
Mainland China & Hong Kong74,405,588,890
Regional Subtotal530,979,608,857
Investment Area Total3,514,865,156,355

ClassificationDetailAmount of Domestic
Investors Holding
Currency Total3,514,865,156,355

1. The fund with different shares is regarded as one fund.
2. The fund type of an umbrella fund is based on the nature of its sub-funds.
3. This table shows the aggregated asset under management from Taiwan of registered offshore funds,which were approved by SFB,according to the Regulations Governing Offshore Funds enacted on July 31,2005. The above amounts are including the total volume in Taiwan prior to the Regulations enacted. Acording to the Article 55 of the Regulations,the fund institutions were granted 1 year's grace period. Therefore,the statistical data from Mar. to Jun. 2006 is for reference only.
4. Taiwan Depository of Cleaning Corporation is the source of the above data.