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General Assembly

The SITCA members are divided into four classes in accordance with their business revenues: A, B, C, D, E  and F with 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 representatives appointed to form the General Assembly, which is the highest power of the Association. Up to Dec 2020, there were 39 SITEs, 84 SICEs, and concurrent business of 42 SICEs. Total membership is 165.


Board of Directors

The board is the highest executive body of SITCA and composed of 33 directors including ten external scholars and experts. The Chairman is elected by the directors to represent SITCA.


Chairman : Julian Liu

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co.,Ltd.


Board of Supervisors

The Board is comprised of 11 supervisors including 4 external scholars and experts and one of them shall be elected as the Convener.


Convener : James S. Hwang

Franklin Templeton SinoAm Securities Investment Management Inc.



There are ten committees handing the general administrative affairs, namely Investment Trust Development Committee, Compliance and Fund Affairs Committee, Offshore Fund Committee, Sustainability Development Committee, Industry Promotion Committee, Investment and Risk Management Committee, Investment Consulting Development Committee, Cross-strait and International Affairs Committee, Self-regulatory Committees, and Financial Technology and Information Security Committee. 

The SICE group and the SICE affairs group are setup by Investment Consulting Development Committee. The Funds Advertisement and the Media Securities Analysis group are set up by the Self-regulatory Committee.             


Divisions for Association’s Affair

The following five divisions are the major administrative and executive bodies of the Association headed by the Secretary General including Business Development, Auditing, Education and Communication, Information Technology and Administration.


Business Development Department

1. Plan business development for members

2. Conduct research on laws, regulations, and institutions related

    to members’ business operations

3. Research and develop new business initiatives and issues

    related to global asset management

4. Promote communication, coordination and cultural exchanges

    with international and cross-strait securities organizations

5. Deal with the operating applications from members

6. Review member applications and documentation

7. Perform any other directives of the supervisory official.


Auditing Department

1. Audit members’ applications and reports

2. Provide advice and visit members’ business operations

3. Conduct research on laws, regulations, and systems related to

    members’ financial affairs and business operations

4. Conduct research and supervise issues related to the

    self-disciplinary practice of members

5. Mediate on business disputes between members and investors

6. Resolve investors’ complaints

7. Perform any other directives of the supervisory official


Education and Communication Department

1. Provide continuous education and training programs for


2. Execute promotional investments and educational activities

    via conferences, forums, lectures and seminars

3. Edit and publish the annual report and investment-related


4. Conduct educational and promotional activities related to asset


5. Develop pubic relations

6. Review and audit the application pertaining responsible person/s and staff registration of

    securities investment trust and consulting entities

7. Perform any other directives of the supervisory official.


Information Technology Department

1. Summarize and provide mutual fund information

2. Plan, organize, and maintain SITCA’s website

3. Plan, organize, and maintain the business service department’s

    computer system and database

4. Purchase and maintain hardware and software

5. Build and maintain the association’s service system

6. Perform any other directives of the supervisory official


Administration Department

1. Hold the General Assembly and meetings of the Board of

    Directors and Supervisors

2. Organize membership admission, withdrawals and data management as well as member


3. Manage the operations, rules and procedures of the Association relating to finance, accounting,

    general affairs, personnel, official documentation, and file management.

4. Report the Association’s related information such as the  various projects and results (including

    organization accreditation)

5. Responsible for the control and facilitation of the Association’s official documentation as well as

    projects and results of the various divisions

6. Responsible for the executive secretarial works for the Secretary-General

7. Perform any other directives of the supervisory official


For more detailed information, Please refer to Annul Report.


Participation in international organization

SITCA is a member of The International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), an association which provides a forum for global information-sharing and collaboration to promote the investment fund industry. www.iifa.ca