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The Association was reorganized on October 8th, 1998 and previously known as Securities Investment Trust & Advisory Association of Taipei, R.O.C., which was set up in January of 1990.  To strengthen services for its members, well perform its functions as self-regulatory organization, meet the requirements for securities market development, and support the administrative operations entrusted by the government agencies in charge, the Association obtained the permission to set up from the Ministry of the Interior affairs on November 6th, 1998.

The purposes for the establishment of the Association are to promote national economy, coordinate the relationships between the members, and advance their common interests.

Association’s missions

 1. To cope with nation’s economic development and promote the functions of local securities market.

 2. To conduct investigation, statistics, consultation, and research and development of the operations of
       association members.

 3. To uphold the fairness and integrity of SITE, SICE, discretionary investment management, offshore funds
       business and protect the investors.

 4. To prevent any untruthful, fraudulent, deceiving, or misleading business conducts in the market.

 5. To research, propose, promote, and facilitate policies and guidelines to the government on behalf of the 

 6. To conduct field inspection on members’ compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

 7. To report to the competent authority in charge and coordinate members to deal with other members in
       financial trouble or issues concerning investors’ rights and interests.

 8. To supervise and manage assets and property of members in insolvency proceedings.

 9. To enforce association members’ self-discipline and code-of-conduct matters of operations improvement,
       liaison and coordination.

10. To mediate the disputes between association members or those between association members and the

11. To conduct pre-job training and on-job training, as well as operations training.

12. To manage the advertisements, exhibitions and certifications for association members.

13. To rectify association member’s misconducts and violations of self-regulations.

14. To establish personnel data of association members, representatives and employees, and conduct
        investigation and registration of association members’ activities.

15. To offer association members the services of permit, amendment, and replacement and other license-
        related matters.

16. To conduct the activities of social charity for association members.

17. To protect the legal rights and interests of association members.

18. To offer the services entrusted by government agencies or other organizations and establishments.

19. To participate in social activities in compliance with “Business Group Laws”.

20. To manage the matters regulated by relative laws and those suggested by association members.